Divi Owners: Michael Smith and Diane Renfroe

Michael Smith and Diane Renfroe are not unlike a lot of other Divi owners when they get to their home away from home: They get out and explore their surroundings.  They have plenty of time to do just that.  This retired husband and wife power couple from Washington, DC, he, a former business executive and she, a former tax attorney and partner, come to Divi Southwinds for eight weeks every Winter.  During their two months on Barbados, they always rent a car to tour the island.  Exploring is still a fresh adventure even after eight years, be it a new beach discovery or the Barbados culinary scene.

Others might say a morning walk on the beach is invigorating, and the Smith Renfroes wouldn’t disagree, but they also call it the most romantic moments of their annual Caribbean vacation. They are especially fond of a number of beaches found on the south and west coasts of Barbados.

But their absolute favorite thing to do?  Feasting with relatives on the island!  I’m sure they’re feasting sensibly though, because the couple admits to being very weight and health conscious. (Eight weeks in Barbados sounds to me like a prescription for well-being.) They partake of the many great restaurants and nightlife in the St. Lawrence Gap, which runs through Divi Southwinds.  This unique cobbled street lined with some of the island’s best dining is one of the reasons Smith and Renfroe love their home at Divi.

Elsewhere on the island, Cin Cin heads their list of romantic places, offering good food served under the stars and with sweeping views of the west coast of Barbados.

For relaxing, they are both exercise enthusiasts:  Smith makes great use of the outstanding swimming pool at Divi Southwinds.   Renfroe walks, be it on a Barbados beach or around the 20 acres of grounds at Divi Southwinds.   She also loves genealogical studies, no doubt putting her expert research skills to work tracing the family tree, both the Barbadian branch and those up north.

Ownership at Divi is a real value, they say, expressing that they receive first class accommodations for a very reasonable rate.   Said, Smith, “The people of Barbados are friendly to visitors and are very progressive in their education and infrastructure.  The staff at The Divi Southwinds under the leadership of Alvin Jemmott continues to amaze me with the continual improvements.”  All that seems to add up to eight weeks in paradise.

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