St. Maarten; Perfect For Weddings

Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine recently polled their readers and learned that St. Maarten is one of their absolute favorite spots for a wedding or honeymoon.  Ah, the sunshine, sparkling beaches, brilliant blue Caribbean, swaying palm trees, great shopping, and diversions.  And, the food – it’s the culinary capital of the Caribbean.  All of which makes St. Maarten a destination for lovers (and others, of course).

Weddings are a year round thing, said Joan Samson of Divi Little Bay. There are nuptials at the resort nearly every week, she reports. Whether it’s an intimate, just-the-two-of-us ceremony or a wedding extravaganza for 100 guests, love is in the air there all year long.

Among those tying the knot at Divi Little Bay are cruise ship passengers, love struck by their days at sea. In truth, passengers wanting to get married in St. Maarten have to prearrange the ceremony, either by contacting Divi Little Bay directly or a wedding planner in St. Maarten. Chances are the local wedding planner will highly recommend Divi Little Bay to the love boaters. Among the reasons (besides secluded beach and lush, landscaped grounds, expertise) is the proximity to Philipsburg, where cruise ships dock. Couples usually have less than six hours to do a wedding before setting sail again. Missing the ship wouldn’t be such a terrible thing, but the 10 minute cab ride to and from Divi affords brides and grooms ample time to do the ceremony, enjoy the setting and even have a private meal on the beach, something Divi Little Bay likes to do to cap a day of romance.

The beachfront dinner is also part of the honeymoon special.  But, Samson says many guests see a couple dining on the beach and inquire if the set-up is just for honeymooners.  The answer is no.  Divi is happy to offer that to other couples.  It’s a love thing.   Call Divi Resorts either at 800.367.3484 or 721.542.2333 to arrange a just-the-two-of-us secluded table on the beach – any time of year.

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