How to Explore Aruba

what to see & do:

Aruba is known as the “One Happy Island” for many reasons. The people are friendly, the beaches are immaculate and the average year round temperature is 82 degrees and sunny—perfect for all of the different adventures waiting for you around every corner of the island. Plus, the island is located outside of the hurricane belt so travel is ideal throughout the year!


On Aruba, there is the perfect beach for every type of beachgoer. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful beach outing, head to Baby Beach at the southern most tip of the island–the drive from our resorts will take about 45 minutes. For the adventurous beachgoer looking for the perfect place to set sail, Fisherman’s Huts is a world renowned beach for wind sports and is home to the annual Hi-Winds Pro Am Windsurfing Competition. Arashi Beach is the best beach on the island for more advanced snorkeling. Those who brave a section of shallow wavy water will discover a vibrant reef close to the surface abundant with many different types of coral, angelfish, eels, parrotfish, tang, snapper, goatfish and squirrelfish – to name a few. Lastly, for the youngest beachgoers, the most family friendly beach on Aruba is Eagle Beach, with its famous powdery white sand and easy rolling waves.


Those seeking a non-beach outing on Aruba have plenty of options ranging from a day of golf at the Links at Divi Aruba to an off-road Jeep adventure through the rugged Aruban countryside, or a sunset cruise aboard a catamaran complete with a fully stocked bar. Don’t forget to shop! There’s world class shopping all around the island ranging from high profile brands to local artisan treasures. For more information and to receive exclusive deals on island activities, stop by the Divi Vacation Stations in any Divi Resorts lobby.

what to eat:

Food can tell you a lot about the culture of a country. When exploring Aruban cuisine, it is evident that Aruba is a “melting pot” of many different cultures and ingredients from around the world. However, at Divi Resorts our Regional Executive Chef Matt Boland is focusing on using fresh, local ingredients that are produced on the island. “Our seafood options like snapper, grouper, mahi mahi, and wahoo are purchased from local fisherman and aren’t out of the water for more than a few hours before they arrive on your plate,” he says. Chef Matt also purchases a wide variety of vegetables and herbs from island farmers. Supporting local farmers is something that he is passionate about. In his spare time, Chef Matt teaches members of the community how to build and manage small-scale greenhouses in the hopes of inspiring future farmers.

To experience international flavors made with local ingredients, reserve your table at any of our Divi Resorts restaurants. Spaces fill quickly, so call ahead

Dining at Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort:

  • Pureocean, 297-586-6066 ex 7041, open for breakfast, happy hour and dinner, reservations are recommended for dinner
  • Purebeach, 297-586-6066, open for lunch, happy hour and dinner

Dining at Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort:

  • Windows on Aruba, 297-523-5017, open for lunch, happy hour, dinner and brunch on Sunday, reservations are required for dinner and brunch
  • Mulligans, 297-523-5016, open for breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner
  • Seabreeze Restaurant & Sports Bar, 297-583-5000, open for breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner

what to drink:

The most refreshing complement to a day in the Aruban sun is a Balashi Beer–an easy drinking, thirst-quenching pilsner with a nice golden color and crisp tasting finish. Balashi Brewery has been brewing its premium, award-winning beer on Aruba since 1998 at their facility in Oranjestad. It is the only brewery in the Southern Caribbean, and the only brewery in the world that makes its beer out of desalinized ocean water.

Stop by a Divi Resorts bar on Aruba and cool off with a Balashi Beer, or visit the Balashi Brewery and try it fresh off the production line! Brewery tours are held Monday through Friday. Call the Balashi Brewery at +297-585-8700 for more information.

what to say:

The official language of Aruba is Dutch, but the primary vernacular of almost all Arubans is Papiamento. Papiamento is a Creole language that has evolved from older languages including Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and French. The name Papiamento is derived from the Portuguese word ‘papear’ which means ‘to jabber’.

Here are some common phrases you can use while on the island. “Bon suerte!” (Good luck!)

Papiamento English
Bon Bini Welcome
Bon tardi Good afternoon
Bon nochi Good evening
Bon dia Good morning
Te aworo See you later
Por fabor Please
Danki Thank you
Di nada You are welcome
Con ta bai? How are you?
Hopi bon Very good
Mi ta stimabo! I love you!