Divi Owners: The Browns

Divi owners, especially people like the Browns from Illinois, who have owned at Divi Little Bay since 1995, have become de facto travel advisers for other guests.  If you ask the Browns, they’ll tell you that it’s a wonderful day spent in the sunshine, sitting on the Divi Little Bay beach quietly reading a good book.  But, the Browns do get around.  In fact, delving into the life of the island is one of the best parts of their annual visits. After almost twenty years, which translates to more than 250 days on St. Maarten, they know the island top to bottom. By now, they can offer their take on best beach (there are 37 in total to explore), best restaurant (countless) and best bar (countless, too).

The Browns frequently drive to Grand Case Bay, a picturesque fishing village on the French side, noted for its gourmet restaurants.  The sheltered inlet creates a tranquil setting for an evening meal al fresco, a highlight of their stay.  A favorite daytime spot is Pinel Island, a little gem in the heart of the St. Martin Marine Park. The island is a favorite of several Divi little Bay employees, too. But rest assured, it’s quiet and a postcard perfect beach. Daily ferry service from Cul de Sac begins at 10 AM and continues every half hour, with the last return at 5 PM.  The ten-minute ferry ride costs about 6 Euros.

But the Dutch side is home for the Browns, because that is where Divi is, their longtime friends and the comforting familiarity of the Divi staff.  When they are handed the glass of welcome punch on arrival day and Sandra, the front desk manager greets them with a hearty hello, the Browns know they are home  – if only for two weeks.  Soon, they hope to make it three.

Favorite things to do near “home” are walking along the beachfront of Phillipsburg.  They’ll have a drink at Blue Bitch Bar.  In case you’re wondering, the name refers to a kind of shiny rock found on the St. Maarten shoreline, once sold for making gravel. The bar has many of these rocks as part of its décor.  Now that you know about blue bitch stone, you can join the Browns there for a drink and truly feel like an insider. Food specialties at Blue Bitch Bar include Creole Grouper and Creole Chicken.  Desserts sound pretty good, too, especially the Mango Blueberry Cobbler.

Food matters, but friends matter more to the Browns.  They revel in making new friends on each and every visit.  And, they note that Guest Services at Little Bay make it easy to spend every moment in relaxation and well-being. For a couple that values good health as the most important thing in life, we know that their St. Maarten/St. Martin friends go a long way toward ensuring that.

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