January’s Employee in the Spotlight: Hemradj Mulai

It’s no surprise that Hemradj Mulai wishes for a bigger fitness center at Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort.  After-all, he is a champion body builder.  What does he like to do on his days off?  Work out.  What is his hobby?  Working out.  How does he de-stress?  He works out.  But, he’s quick to say he rarely has a stressful day.  It’s no wonder.  It’s probably because he’s working in his dream place – the spa and fitness center at Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach. Hemradj has been the attendant there since December 8, 2008.  Happy 5th Anniversary, Hemradj!

If you’ve not visited the fitness center, step inside just for the stellar ocean views.  The floor-to-ceiling windows make for a dramatic, perhaps even more inspiring workout environment than you’re used to having.  You could even catch the sunset from here, that is if you’re not at Pure Beach with an Ariba Aruba in hand.

Hemradj has lived in Aruba for 19 years. He’s a good person to meet on many counts (fitness tips anyone?), including sharing some off the beaten track places on Aruba.  When you walk in to the center, no doubt he will be easy to spot. If he’s not there, he might have the day off and be catching a movie, or in Las Vegas – his favorite place to travel, or over at the mini natural bridge at Sero Colorado on the far eastern tip of Aruba.  That’s his now-not-so-secret secret place for Divi guests to visit.  If he’s not doing any of those things, he is  – yes, you guessed it – working out.

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