The Great Cover-Up

Alas, there is proof.  Sunscreen can help keep you looking younger.  A four and half year Australian study study concluded that broad spectrum sunscreen slows down photo-aging.  (That’s the medical way to say wrinkles from sun exposure.)  Knowing that we will look younger may be the ticket to using sunscreen properly and often, many doctors say.  Because reduced skin damage also means lower risk of skin cancer, the results are important for our health as well as our vanity.  So, lather it on.

We’re getting educated about sunscreen in another away:  new labeling rules recently took effect. No longer can marketers use the words “sunblock”, “waterproof” or “sweat proof.” Sunscreen packaging must now note a time limit for sun protection exposure.  Also, a product with an SPF lower than 15 now carries a warning that it will not protect against skin cancer.   Read about the new sunscreen rules and the benefits of skin protection.

All this seriousness about sun exposure, I predict, is going to bring hats back into fashion big time. Long ago, women always wore hats.  Once upon a time, porcelain skin was a sign of refinement, so hats were part of every summer outfit.

For all those people who say they don’t look good in hats, well, you won’t look good if you don’t wear one…and your sunscreen. Helen Kaminski is my favorite hat designer and styles abound for both men and women.

It figures that these great hats would come from Australia. Most designs have a tight weave that keeps the sunrays from filtering through.  Plus, many are packable.  The better to go traveling to the sunny Caribbean with, my dear.

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