Recipe Time with Cruzan Rum’s new Rum

The run for the Triple Crown is over, but that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to mint juleps until next year.  In fact, the Crucian Contessa, our favorite St. Croix foodie and home cook, has given us good reason not to:  a new mint julep recipe using the new passion fruit-flavored Cruzan rum.

Her concoction was inspired by big news on St. Croix.  In April when Cruzan Rum released its new passion fruit rum, everyone in St. Croix was also all abuzz about two Cruzan jockeys making a run for the roses in the Derby this year:  Victor Lebron and Kevin Krigger.  Krigger was hoping to make history, becoming the first black jockey to win since 1902.

The Crucian Contessa gives a twist to the mint julep not only with the passion fruit-flavored rum but also with piloncillo, which is an unrefined sugar commonly used in Mexican cooking.  It is made when sugar canes are crushed, the juice collected and boiled, then poured into cone-shaped molds to harden.  (The name means “little pylon.”)  The result is a smoky, caramelly and earthy sugar that adds far more flavor than refined sugar.  The Serious Eats food blog extolls the virtues of flavoring both sweets and savory with piloncillo.

Mix up a pitcher of the passion fruit mint julep and then toast the goodness of St. Croix: The Crucian Contessa’s delicious recipes featuring the island’s bounty, the local jockeys making it big on the racing circuit, Cruzan Rum, what some say is the best rum there is and of course Divi Carina Bay, St. Croix’s only all-inclusive Resort.  You can enjoy Cruzan Rum there – it’s included in the all-inclusive package.  For an interesting excursion on your next visit, take the Cruzan Rum Rum distillery tour.  It ends with a tasting in their gift shop where the entire portfolio of Cruzan Rum is sold.  The staff will box purchases, safe and ready to go as luggage.  Best of all, it doesn’t count as another piece of luggage.

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