Pure Ocean

Late last year, the Sunset Bistro at Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort became Pure Ocean.  The change was in part to match its sister lounge and restaurant Pure Beach, a new kind of dining and drinking establishment for Aruba when it opened in 2009.  Pure Beach has a decidedly Mediterranean vibe with lounge beds, curtained seating areas and white canvas and rattan décor. The place was a winner from day one, drawing guests from all of the Divi resorts in Aruba as well as other hotels.

It was decided that Sunset Bistro needed a reset, and among the changes wrought, in addition to updated décor, was a new name:  Pure Ocean.  It’s a fitting moniker:  all one sees from the restaurant is ocean, pure ocean. The place is still off the crowded path, surrounded by sand, swaying palms and soft white sand.  And, it still has great food.

Michael Ras, the food and beverage manager of Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort, says Pure Ocean is, “a wonderful combination of delicious food together with great service while experiencing the most delightful sunset on Aruba.” Is indeed one of the most romantic spots for dinner on the island.  Watching the big Aruba sun melt into the endless Caribbean blue is always a showstopper.

About the great food:  The people’s choice is the Crispy Coconut Curry Grouper.  It hardly needs any explanation.  But, allow me:  the flaky fresh caught grouper inside the crunchy coconut-flaked coating is perfectly balanced with curry. (Good as it is, I’m surprised that the Caribbean Mac & Cheese isn’t the big favorite, at least with true-blooded Americans.  Creamy mac and cheese au gratin with lobster and lump crabmeat.  What’s not to like, other than perhaps a few more calories?)

The specialty cocktail of the house is the Sunset Cooler, a sparkling mixture of citrus vodka, fruit syrup, cranberry juice and ginger ale.  I’m with you on that one.

Don’t be surprised while lounging on the nearby beach to see a wedding at Pure Ocean.  The new look has upped Pure Ocean as a prime spot for weddings, hosting 50 or even 500 guests.

One thing that has not changed in the transformation to Pure Ocean: The Divi staff will still set a table for two just at the water’s edge for couples that want to capture a few more ocean breezes and a bit more romance that night.

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