November’s Employee in the Spotlight

Luz Elena Insuasti likes the simple life – a good meal, time with family, the sea breeze on her face and quiet time reading the Bible.  She has all of that in Aruba, her adopted country. Insuasti hails from Columbia and has been working at Divi Resorts for 15 years.

Most people know that Venezuela is a “stone’s throw” from Aruba (only 15 miles), sometimes even visible on a clear day.  Just to the west of Venezuela is Columbia, more than a stone’s throw, but close. Its Guajira Peninsula juts out into the Caribbean Sea within 80 miles of Aruba.  So, Columbia is another South American neighbor to Aruba and the other Leeward Antilles. Insuasti gets back to Columbia now and again.

Neighborly is a good description of Insuasti. Described as a caring person, that’s no doubt part of why she has risen through the ranks in her years at Divi and is now the assistant housekeeping manager at Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort.  She began as a public care attendant, then became a housekeeper, supervisor, eventually earning manager status on July 1, 2002.  Another thing about Insuasti, she is punctual, cooperative and a good listener.  Those are all good qualities of the staff at Divi.  As the assistant manager for housekeeping, she listens to Divi’s guests and owners to make certain her staff has the proper tools to work with to roll out the welcome mat for all the visitors to Phoenix Beach.

Her caring goes beyond the guests at Divi to her days off, which she often spends visiting Kia Hospital in Aruba to give patients strength through her scripture reading.  Insuasti sometimes makes the visits a family affair, taking her daughter and nephew with her.  She also meditates, which surely gives her a calm, patient aura when she comes back to work. She spreads harmony in the community, her place of work and at home.

A good thing about getting to know some of the people at Divi Resorts is that you can find out the local places.  Insuasti recommends Zeerovers for a fish dinner. Buccaneer is another favorite, whose local cuisine is excellent, in her opinion.  Everyone should experience the Buccaneer, she said.   She also recommends catching the sunsets at the Malmok and Arashi beaches.   The tranquility of the sea is a wonderful part of life in Aruba and, as many of us know, a wonderful part of an Aruba vacation, too.

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