Divers, This Is How to Persuade Your Non-Diving Partner to Get Certified


Rule number one of diving: always have a dive buddy. It’s pleasant enough to dive with someone you’ve just met on the dive boat, but your experience can be so much more fun and enriching when your dive buddy is someone you already know. And if your romantic partner is also a diver—well, you’re lucky indeed.

PADI has published a blog post recommending some gentle ways that divers can persuade a non-diving significant other or friend to enroll in a certification program. Keeping in mind that non-divers will most likely enjoy the process more if they come to it on their own terms, the dive organization recommends visiting an exotic location where the underwater life is abundant and the water is clear and warm.


That sounds a lot like Bonaire. The small Caribbean island is known for its world-class, yet easily accessible diving. Bonaire is the perfect setting to learn how to dive, and it offers plenty of exciting dives for more experienced divers as well. Divi Dive Bonaire at Divi Flamingo Beach Resort teaches certification courses for all levels, and provides a wide variety of boat diving, shore diving, and truck diving packages. Shore diving is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—just grab your tank from the end of the pier and dive morning, noon, or night. Your partner can get certified, and the two of you can enjoy your first dive together in one of the best and most beautiful dive spots in the world.

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