The Dos and Don’ts of Exploring the Islands

Dos and Don’ts of Exploring the Islands

Our Caribbean islands have so many beautiful and interesting locations to explore; you may want to spend a day or two of your Divi vacation on an island excursion! We want your day of exploration to be fun and safe, so we came up with some “dos and don’ts” of venturing out on an adventure!


… rely on your cell phone or GPS to navigate you.

Technology is great, but when you’re exploring an unfamiliar place, the last thing you want is to get lost because of tech issues. There are many areas on the islands that get poor or no cell reception, and even if you are able to pick up a signal, your battery could die! As a backup, always bring a map along on your excursion to ensure that you don’t get lost.

… forget the essentials.

For a full day of island exploration, you’ll want to remember to bring money (preferably the local currency), sunscreen, a map (see above) and a bottle of water along. Don’t forget to pack your camera as well; you’ll want to take a lot of pictures to document your adventure!

… be bogged down by heavy luggage.

Nothing ruins a day of exploring like an achy back or shoulders from lugging around heavy equipment. Pack what you need for the day, but try to leave unnecessary things behind so that your bag is light enough to carry all day. If one of the stops on your excursion involves shopping, save that part for the end of the day so that you don’t have to carry extra bags around for long.


… your research.

Before you leave for your vacation, do some research on the island you’re visiting to find some attractions to see and areas to explore while you’re there. There are endless options of websites with ideas and tips for travelers, so check out a few and make some notes of places you want to visit during your trip. Each island’s tourism authority has its own website, and these sites offer great suggestions for top attractions and landmarks. Trip Advisor also has a lot of great tips and reviews on popular sites and activities, so you can get ideas from travelers like you!

… ask the locals.

Once you’re on the island, ask around for suggestions of “must-sees” during your vacation. Our Divi Resorts staff members are always happy to provide info about the island they call home, so ask them for some ideas about what to see and do. As locals who are immersed in the island and it’s culture, they may have some insight that you can’t find anywhere else.

… try something new.

Whether the island you’re visiting is like your second home or it’s your first time there, you can always find something new to see and do! Don’t limit your vacation time to doing the same old thing; venture out and explore while you’re there. From checking out a new vista to sampling the fare at a restaurant you haven’t tried yet, experiencing something new and exciting on your vacation will ensure that it’s memorable for years to come.

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