The 6 Best Beaches on Aruba

Aruba has dozens of spectacular beaches, all of them stunning in their own way. Here are just a few of our favorites.

#1 Palm Beach

palm beach

Photo credit Kara Phelps

Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort is situated right on the world-famous Palm Beach, known for its calm waters and beautiful white sand. It’s located on the luxurious high-rise hotels’ stretch of the island.

#2 Eagle Beach

eagle beach serge melki

Photo credit Serge Melki

Eagle Beach is directly in front of Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort. It’s a well-visited public beach with plenty of shade for picnics provided by Divi Divi trees, Aruba’s iconic tree and the namesake for Divi Resorts. Eagle Beach also has plenty of parking just off the main road.

#3 Arashi Beach

arashi beach

Photo credit Kara Phelps

Arashi Beach is located just south of the California Lighthouse near the northwestern tip of Aruba. With an amazing variety of underwater life, it’s best known for its terrific snorkeling.

#4 Baby Beach

aruba baby beach 1

Photo credit Kara Phelps

Baby Beach is named for the calm and shallow waters that make it ideal for children and inexperienced swimmers. Those who love to snorkel will enjoy seeing the many gorgeous coral heads. Baby Beach is situated in the area known as Sero Colorado at the southeastern end of the island.

#5 Boca Grandi Beach


Photo credit

Boca Grandi Beach is a secluded beach located on the southeastern end of the island. The persistent tradewinds make it an ideal spot for experienced kitesurfers, who can often be seen practicing breathtaking jumps and loops. Driftwood and bits of coral regularly wash ashore here—beachcombing is encouraged!

#6 Rodger’s Beach or Coco Beach

Situated close to the well-known Baby Beach, Rodger’s Beach is often called the hidden gem of Aruban beaches. Popular with local families on the weekends, it empties out during the week and becomes an isolated paradise—complete with shady areas and shower facilities. The Coco Beach Bar & Restaurant is a quaint place to visit.

It often seems like Aruba has a different tropical paradise around every corner, and it’s fun to discover new spots. Let us know your favorite beach in the comments!


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