Sun Smarts

It’s always sunny in the Caribbean, and we know our Divi owners and guests love to soak up some sunshine during their tropical getaways. But getting your dose of vitamin D doesn’t have to mean harming your skin, and you can easily enjoy a day on the beach or by the pool while protecting yourself from too much sun exposure.

Here are some of our best tips for sun protection – be sure to share them with your friends and family so that everyone can have a sunburn-free vacation this year!

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Start your day with sun protection
A lot of people wait until they’re out on the beach or by the pool before they think about applying sunscreen, but it’s much easier and safer to get a head start on your daily sun protection routine. Instead of applying sunscreen when you’re already catching rays, apply it first thing in the morning, before you even get dressed for the day. This way, you’ll already have a layer of protection on your skin when you go outside, and your sunscreen will have the 20 minutes it needs to fully absorb. When you apply your sunscreen before getting dressed, you’ll also be less likely to miss spots, which tends to happen when you apply it around your clothing.

Choose beachwear that is both fashionable and functional
You can protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays and still look stylish for your beach or pool day! Pack a t-shirt or cover-up in your suitcase, or pick up some island wear from a local shop once you arrive at your destination. Hats are a must-have for sun protection, so put on a floppy straw hat, baseball cap or even a cowboy hat to keep your face, scalp and neck shaded throughout the day. It’s also important to protect your eyes while you’re out in the sun, so look for sunglasses that offer UV protection.


Select the right sunscreen and reapply throughout the day
Use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, and make sure the bottle says “broad-spectrum,” indicating that it will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. You should also check that its expiration date hasn’t passed, since we all have old bottles of sunscreen lying around from summers past. And remember – applying sunscreen is not a once-a-day activity! Skin care experts recommend reapplying sunscreen every two hours when you are spending the day outside to ensure that your skin is fully protected. You should also be mindful of factors that could cause your sunscreen to wear off early, like swimming, sand and sweat, and reapply as needed after activities that cause it to wear off.

Don’t miss a spot
It’s easy to forget to apply sunscreen to certain areas, especially your scalp, feet, hands and places on your back that you can’t easily reach. But these places can get sunburns just like the rest of your body, so it’s important to cover them! Buy a spray-on sunscreen to cover your scalp, making sure to apply extra to exposed areas, like the part in your hair. The same sunscreen can be used to easily spray the hard-to-reach areas, like the space between your shoulder blades.

Catch some rays the safe way this year by being smart about your sun protection!

Do you have a favorite fashion accessory that also shields your skin from the sun? How about a go-to brand of sunscreen that lets you bronze without burning? Share your best tips and ideas for sun protection on our Facebook page or in the comment section below!

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