September’s Employee in the Spotlight

When you ask Edgar McQuilkin what’s important in his life, he replies: his wife, his boys and Divi.   He’s been working at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort for an astounding 42 years.  Wow! It’s fair to say he pretty much knows the place inside and out.

He joined Divi as a beach boy, and then went inside into the kitchen as a pastry chef before going behind the bar. He surely has a few stories to tell from all his years at Divi Little Bay.  Add to those the stories that his three sons can also tell, all of whom worked at Divi at one time or another, in one capacity or another.  Edgar’s most recent stint was as a bellman, that is up until 1992 when he was named night manager.

So, for fifteen years Divi has been Edgar’s nighttime.  And, his wife has been his daytime.  We don’t know exactly how long the two have been together, but we do know that that they are a very special couple.  According to Edgar, she provides his serenity and is a great traveling companion.  After a stressful night at Divi (Yes, it’s hard to believe that there ever could be one, but making Divi Little Bay Resort a paradise isn’t always easy), Edgar says he goes home, makes a drink and holds his wife.  For a romantic outing on his days off, he takes his wife to Orient Beach on the French side of the island.

And, for the ladies reading this, if that hasn’t convinced you that Edgar is a true romantic, when asked what he does on his days off, he replied, “a little housecleaning.”

If there are any other secrets he’s willing to divulge, it’s that his hobbies include cricket and Pinel Island for a little excursion with his wife, of course.  Pinel is a little gem of an island reachable by kayak or ferry from the marina on the French side.  Ferry service is provided seven days a week, leaving every half hour during the day.

He’s content for the moment to keeping a watchful eye on everything at Divi.  Perhaps, that’s given him time to contemplate some changes for himself and for Divi.  He’s got an idea to expand Divi by constructing a building atop a deck over the parking lot at Divi Little Bay.   Don’t be surprised if you hear that his next position at Divi is in the engineering department.

Divi Resorts is most proud to say that Edgar has served Divi guests for 42 years always with a big heart and a smile.

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