Look, Divi Little Bay Beach Resort Went Solar!

Divi Little Bay Beach Resort has found another benefit to the sunny weather in the Caribbean islands; the resort now utilizes the power of the sun to provide energy for its property! The installation of a 157kW solar electricity system was recently completed on the roof of the resort’s main building, and this system produces 15,000 to 24,000 kWh of electricity each month. This project will play a major role in reducing the resort’s carbon footprint and is the most recent development in our company-wide Divi Green initiative.

“We’re very excited to be able to implement a photovoltaic system at our St. Maarten property,” says Marco Galaverna, President and COO. “This is a big step forward for Divi Little Bay Beach Resort and for our company as a whole, as it will help conserve energy at one of Divi Resorts’ largest properties.”

The solar electricity system was installed by OneWorld Sustainable, a company with experience in providing and maintaining photovoltaic systems for Caribbean properties. The company placed solar panels along the roof of Divi Little Bay’s main building, which contains pureocean restaurant, the lobby, the timeshare sales office, staff offices and several meeting and event spaces. This main building will be powered by the photovoltaic system, as will the various stores in the resort’s shopping promenade. The solar electricity system was introduced as part of our Divi Green initiatives, which display our company’s commitment to providing quality vacation experiences for guests while also working to minimize the environmental impacts associated with our operations.

The installation of the solar electricity system at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort is just the beginning of our company’s solar electricity plans; we are currently looking into using solar electricity at all of our Divi Resorts destinations! “There is a growing need within the hospitality industry to seek new ways to reduce our hotels’ impact the environment, and Divi Resorts will continually strive to meet this need in any way we can,” says Marco.

Want to learn more about our Divi Green initiatives? Read all about it!

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