FEATURED DVC MEMBERS: Cynthia & Gary Ruoff

The unofficial dancing king and queen of Aruba, President’s Elite Members Cynthia and Gary Ruoff have been waltzing their way around the island for more than 30 years. Hailing from the Great Lakes state of Michigan, where they say there’s more clouds than sun, this dancing duo are committed to quality vacation time, vowing to visit their beloved Aruba year after year.

After three decades of jet-setting to Aruba for peaceful stays in paradise at Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort and Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort, Cynthia and Gary Ruoff decided to upgrade to a President’s Elite Membership.

“What we wanted more than anything, and the reason we picked the Divi Vacation Club, is that we could vacation on Aruba and stay at the same location during the same time of year, every year,” Gary explained. “My wife’s a teacher and I’m a physician, so we have very specific weeks when we can travel and that’s what cemented the deal.”

“We said, ‘This is it. We’re going to be committed to coming back to enjoy the island each year,’ and we’ve never been disappointed,” added Cynthia. Aruba’s warm and sunny weather year-round is just one of the reasons Cynthia fell head over heels for the island many years ago.

“We just love coming here,” said Cynthia. “Of course for the sun, the sand and the smiling faces, but also the wonderful music! Every place we go they play beautiful music and we love to dance so that keeps us going.”

The happy couple says their favorite Divi pastime is celebrating special milestones like birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day at their most treasured spots on the island.

“We just keep coming back because of the whole atmosphere on the island and we really enjoy the food, especially at pureocean,” said Gary. “There are many places you can eat on the beach, see the sunset every night and have wonderful food, but our absolute favorite is right here at Divi Phoenix. The menu, the staff and the ambiance can’t be beat!”

Now the two get to share their love for Aruba and Divi Phoenix with loved ones, cherishing family time spent together and creating lasting memories.

“It’s great that with the Divi Vacation Club, we can always use our points to add another unit so everyone is comfortable,” said Gary. “We have two children and four grandchildren, and they love it here! There’re so many activities, even for the children. Our granddaughters play Bingo every time they come, and they always win!”

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