Divi Family Day

Think about this:  all the Divi staff you see when you’re at a Divi Resort in the beautiful Caribbean – they are busy working.  Guests are relaxing and having fun, which is exactly what is supposed to be happening, thanks to the hard work of the Divi employees. Wouldn’t it be nice if the resort’s employees could enjoy the resort in the same way too?  No work. Just fun with their families. Well, that was the idea behind Family Day at Divi Little Bay recently.

The tables were turned that day in several ways. Not only was the staff having loads of fun at the resort, the Divi management team were the ones who were setting up, serving the food and drinks and organizing the activities so that every staff person could take a real break that day and relax and enjoy the resort with their families.

Management planned plenty of beach games, including the always-favorite water balloon toss, fill the bucket race, egg and spoon race, plus hula-hoop contests, nut stacker challenge and the crazy waiter dash. But, because it was a day for the staff to be treated like guests, staff deemed it too hot for many of the races. It was, after all, their prerogative that day.  But with the announcement of some nice prizes – game on.

Keeping with the theme, the prizes allowed the staff to come back and enjoy more of Divi Little Bay Resort. Two winners will be relaxing at Indulgence by the Sea spa.  So, don’t be surprised, if one day soon, you see Victoria Nelson or Sandra Rogers, both managers at Divi Little Bay, kicking off their work shoes and heading into the spa for a Sea Escape massage or a mani-pedi. That Citrus-C Manicure and Pedicure sounds pretty indulgent.  Organic sugar crystals with peppermint leaves, fresh lime juice and pure essential oils smooth the skin. Then, happy hands and feet are wrapped in a peppermint mask, followed with steaming warm towels and a paraffin dip. I’ll have what she’s having.

The guy winners decided to eat instead. They will be starting one of their days with breakfast at Toucan’s, which is a pretty good way to start any day. There is always that big, beautiful display of fresh tropical fruit and pastries.  And, then you can mosey over to the as-you like-it egg station for a scrambled egg or two or three.   Then, you can enjoy it on the balcony overlooking the Caribbean Sea.  But, maybe best, best, best of all is that the prizewinners of Divi Family Day get to share the experience with a friend or family member.

You know what they say about happy employees. Happy employees make a happy place.   And that’s good for all of us.

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