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Vacation Like ABC’s The Bachelor

Want to vacation like the bachelor on ABC’s hit show, The Bachelor? Head to St. Croix, America’s Caribbean. This week’s episode showed Sean Lowe and the six remaining bachelorettes enjoying the island’s many splendored things. St. Croix is a good catch for a quick vacation getaway – romance, culture, history, fine dining and great beaches await.

Do what the bachelor did and take in sunrise at Point Udall, the easternmost point of the United States. The most convenient way to enjoy dawn there is with a stay at nearby Divi Carina Bay Resort, only a five-minute and very scenic drive away.

Every Sunday morning at 9:30, those seeking exercise and adventure meet in the hotel lobby for a hike through the hills to Point Udall National Park. The excursion lasts about two hours, stopping along the way at the exclusive Jacks and Isaacs Bay beaches for an optional swim. Hikers finish at the point to take in a breathtaking view.

Those jumpin’ and jivin’ masked dancers on this week’s episode of The Bachelor are mocko jumbies, a cultural fixture of St Croix. No worries about scheduling a vacation to catch the dancers at one of the island’s many festivals or parades. Every Thursday there is a mocko jumbie performance at the Caribbean Beach BBQ at Divi Carina Bay All Inclusive Beach Resort & Casino. Dinner on the beachfront is at 6:00pm, entertainment at 7:30pm. Children are welcome. Reservations required.

And, who doesn’t love a guy with good financial smarts? Divi Carina Bay All Inclusive Resort offers a free night in their One Sweet Deal promotion. Book five nights, get one free until April 15. The package includes meals and drinks, matchplay at the casino, island activity book and a sampler of Cruzan Rum, distilled and bottled on St. Croix. No doubt the bachelor and his bachelorettes sipped a little Cruzan rum while on in the island. When in St. Croix, do as the bachelor does.

To book their One Sweet Deal or for more information about the hike to Point Udall and Caribbean Beach BBQ, call Carina Bay at 877.773.9700.

Taste of St. Croix 2013

It is now the end of October and my mind is on April. Two thoughts: food and travel. Three words: Taste of St. Croix. (Is that technically four?) Who among us on the Mainland doesn’t think that a jaunt down to the Caribbean is our due come April? Travel is a good thing after a winter up north. Food – that is a good thing, too. Food is good. And, by the way, that shortens to F-I-G, and that is the name of one of the sensational restaurants whose stellar chef will be participating in the St. Croix Food and Wine Experience next year. Mike Lata, the award and award and award-winning chef is set to be a judge at the Taste of St. Croix, April 17th, 2013. As always, the Taste of St. Croix is staged at Divi Carina Bay All Inclusive Beach Resort and Casino.

The Taste of St. Croix started thirteen years ago as a little local food event devised to raise a little money for charity. It has grown and has been described as, “one of the best International food events,” according to

And, for that reason, the event now draws some of the best chefs around. And from all reports, Mike Lata in Charleston, South Carolina, is one of them. And, get this: he’s self-taught. (Take hope, all of you.) Lata and his restaurant, known to all Charlestonians by its acronym FIG, (see above) have been written about in numerous epicurean magazines. His restaurant also has been featured on the Travel Channel as well as in travel publications. Food, it seems, is now drawing people to Charleston. And, it draws people to St. Croix now, too. Lata, no doubt, will draw foodies to St. Croix in April.

The television program “Dateline” reported that the food at FIG is, “so good it will buckle your knees.” Mmmm. Can’t wait.

Lata will take part in nearly a week’s worth of activities while on St. Croix from April 16 to the 21st. The centerpiece of the St. Croix Food & Wine Experience is the Taste of St. Croix, always on Thursday night. This tasting and sipping extravaganza brings about 1500 people to Divi’s beachfront. It’s festive, glittering with twinkling lights and fashion finery, the food is endless and delicious and everyone is swaying with the palm trees and music.

Two words: book now.

It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere With Cruzan Bay Breeze

Say the words “September” and “hurricane” and the folks at Cruzan Rum think a Bay Breeze is a delicious liquid response. It’s a cocktail made with a splash of pineapple and cranberry juices, a squeeze of lime and a little of their Cruzan Light Rum. Top it with ice and you’re good to weather just about any muggy day. According to Cruzan Rum CEO Gary Nelthropp, “It’s refreshing.”

Let’s make one now and toast the exit of Hurricane Isaac as well as all of the other hurricanes from this season. Fortunately, St. Croix, home of Cruzan Rum and Divi Carina Bay made it through just fine. In St. Maarten, there was no damage, but lots of excitement when a female turtle needed a little help clearing a spot on Divi Little Bay’s beach in order to lay her eggs. Guests and staff alike are on turtle watch awaiting the arrival of as many as 200 sea turtles in October.

We are two-thirds the way through hurricane season. The National Hurricane Center says it last from June 1 until November 30th. So, here’s to a safe October and November and safe travels to the beautiful Caribbean for people and turtles alike.

No need to wait till five o’clock to watch a pro make a Bay Breeze. You can make your very own version:

Cruzan Bay Breeze Ingredients:
1 part Cruzan Aged Light Rum
Pineapple Juice
Cranberry Juice
Lime Wedge

Pour Cruzan Aged Light Rum over ice in a rocks- or long drink glass. Fill with pineapple juice and cranberry juice. Squeeze lime wedge into drink and then drop it in! Enjoy!