Mmmmm…Bonaire Delight Dessert!

Remember us telling you a few weeks back that the Bonaire team was competing in the Taste of the Caribbean? Well here’s the award winning recipe for the “Best Caribbean recipe” (Henk Schenk Award) AND the high honor of being “Most Creative Caribbean Dish” of the competition at the Taste of the Caribbean 2013! Enjoy!

Bonaire Delight Dessert

Mix you ingredients together for your normal carrot cake then add dates and raisins to it. Next, make a mousse with heavy cream and a coulli made from fresh mangos.

Shape the cake into the desired shape and pour the mouse on top of that in to the mold before the gelatin does its work. Let the composition set in a cooler for about 3 hours

For the “salad,” blacken the red peppers and clean them. Marinate the pepper in a simple syrup for about 15 minutes and then dry in an oven on 100 degrees for about 15 minutes. Dice  80% of the peppers and blend the rest into a sauce. Next, cut the fresh mango the same size as the peppers and marinate it in a simple syrup with a scotch bonnet added.

Make small “sticks” from a standard tuille batter with cacao added to that and bake in on oven on 175 degrees

For presentation paint the  ‘Pepper sauce”  with a wide brush on the plate. Place the carrot cake and mousse just outside the center on that paint. Put the salad on top of that and finish of with 2 cacao sticks.

Enjoy this sweet dessert!

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