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Teaching Healthy Eating in Aruba


Regional Executive Chef for Divi Resorts Matt Boland recently led two cooking classes for young children at a local school in Oranjestad, Aruba. Using simple ingredients like spinach and mushrooms, he showed the kids how to prepare a simple quesadilla with vegetables as he talked about the importance of healthy eating habits and properly balanced nutrition. Then the classes sampled the meal—proving that nutritious food can also be delicious!

Chef Matt and Divi Resorts organized the classes in concert with IBISA, a department of the Aruban government focusing on public health. “Working with children and food are two of my favorite things, and being able to combine them—while showing children healthier eating habits—is a win-win,” Chef Matt says.



Divi Southwinds Partners with Barbados School as Part of Divi Cares Program

Mount Tabor1

Divi Resorts is proud to partner with local Caribbean island communities as part of their corporate Divi Cares initiative.  Many of the outreach programs they support directly assist in educating children and supporting schools, focusing on healthy lifestyles, animal rescue and humane treatment, as well as green projects focusing on environmental impact on land and sea.

As part of their Divi Cares program, Divi Southwinds Beach Resort on Barbados recently worked closely with the local Mount Tabor Primary School to sponsor a class trip to the resort for the school’s grade 3 students. The students got to be “tourists for a day,” learning about the tourism industry and its importance to the Barbadian economy. After the tour, the students wrote about their experience and what they had learned. 

During Mount Tabor’s recent end-of-the-school-year graduation ceremony, Divi Southwinds staff once again partnered with school officials to present top-scoring students in their graduating class with gift certificates to purchase back-to-school items as they transition from primary to secondary school. In addition to this gift, Divi Southwinds surprised these students and their parents with dinner for their families at Divi Southwinds’ pureocean restaurant in celebration of their achievements. 

Mount Tabor and HR

Divi Southwinds staff would like to recognize the top-scoring students in the class of 2016, Zachari Daniel and  Aaliyah Gibson. Congratulations, Zachari and Aaliyah, on working hard and your achievement!

“We’re proud to provide these Mount Tabor’s students with educational and experiential opportunities through our Divi Cares program,” says Linda Kirton, Human Resources Manager and Training Officer for Divi Southwinds, “and we look forward to working closely with Mount Tabor Primary School throughout their upcoming academic year.”

Celebrating the Fourth of July at Divi Aruba Phoenix


Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort held an all-day celebration on July 4 with plenty of music and live entertainment in honor of American Independence Day. Guests and staff decked themselves out in patriotic red, white, and blue.

The day started with the raising of the American flag and a moving rendition of the National Anthem by a wonderful guest. Guests and employees joined in a singalong to “New York, New York,” and kids were treated to a scavenger hunt and an ice cream prize for all as parents and other families enjoyed barbecue burgers and hot dogs from purebeach. Festivities continued with a fun game of volleyball and Happy Hour at purebeach. As the day wound down and the stars came out, guests relaxed on the beach and enjoyed a distant fireworks show on Palm Beach.

Divi Phoenix hopes everyone in the Divi family had a safe and fun Fourth of July! Let us know how you celebrated in the comments.

pureocean at Divi Little Bay Joins in the Taste of St. Maarten Food Festival


On July 3, the Annual Taste of St. Maarten food festival and community event brought the entire island together to celebrate the amazing variety and quality of St. Maarten cuisine, proving why the small island is known as “the culinary capital of the Caribbean.” Executive chef at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort Iwan Hokahin and his culinary team offered samples from the pureocean St. Maarten menu to the crowd. Tourists and locals alike enjoyed pureocean’s chicken roti with pickled cucumbers, polenta with stewed saltfish and fire-roasted peppers, seafood cazuela with shellfish and coconut milk, and oxtail rendang with jasmine rice and sweet plaintains.

Joan Samson, sales manager for Divi Little Bay, made sure Divi was a part of the event, which also featured live music, entertainment, and fun outdoor family activities. “We loved introducing pureocean to new people!” she says. “They got to taste Chef Iwan’s amazing cuisine right there and then. We look forward to welcoming both island tourists and locals to pureocean’s buffet breakfast, Sunday brunch, and dinner—and, of course, participating again next year!”


Taste the Caribbean in Your Own Home

divi b0896

Just returned from an idyllic vacation at one of our resorts? About to take off for the Caribbean and craving a head start on your tropical getaway?

If you’re in the mood for a taste of Bonaire, Chef Antonio Bruni, executive chef of pureocean Beachside Dining and Chibi Chibi Bar & Restaurant at Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino on Bonaire, shared his recipe for pavlova with us. Pavlova is a soft, light meringue dessert topped with fruit—perfect for enjoying on a hot summer day.

Chef Antonio’s Pavlova

This recipe serves 6-8.

For the meringue:

-6 egg whites
-9 oz. caster sugar
-1 tsp. white wine vinegar
-1 tsp. corn flour
-1 vanilla pod, scraped

For the topping:

-Berries and tropical fruits cut into cubes (such as kiwi, mango, pineapple, strawberries, and/or blueberries)
-3 tbsp. caster sugar
-1 cup heavy cream

Preheat oven to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. Whisk the egg whites with an electric or hand mixer until stiff. Adding sugar 1 tbsp. at time, whisk in the vinegar, corn flour, and vanilla pod until the mixture looks glossy.

Using 2 tablespoons, scoop the meringue into a dish covered with parchment paper, give it a shape you like, and create a nest in the middle to fill with the topping later.

Bake for 1 hour, then turn off the oven, and let the pavlova cool completely while inside the oven.

Chop the fruits while the meringue cools down. (Chef Antonio likes citrus fruits to balance the sweetness of meringue and the fatness of heavy cream. He also suggests dressing the fruit with passion fruit juice to give an extra kick.)

Whip the cream with 3 tbsp. of caster sugar.

Place 2 scoops of cream in the center of the pavlova, add 2 more tablespoons of fruit salad on top the cream, and serve.

This May and June also mark Bonaire Cuisine Months, a celebration of Bonaire’s growing culinary scene. Tourism Corporation Bonaire created this annual two-month period to help introduce Bonaire’s wide variety of excellent fare to the world. If you’re on Bonaire, make sure to stop by pureocean Beachside Dining and Chibi Chibi Bar & Restaurant at Divi Flamingo Beach Resort! Chef Antonio will appreciate your support of Bonaire’s exciting cuisine.