A Day in the Life of a Divi GM – Gerrit Griffith

Phoenix Beach Resort, General Manager Gerrit Griffith is a true Divi veteran who has been a staple in our company for many years.  We recently got a chance to talk with Mr. Griffith about his experiences and why he loves his job as a Divi GM.


You are Divi’s longest tenured General Manager – how long have you held this role?

“I’ve been a Divi Resorts GM on Aruba for around 32 years!  I actually joined the company 41 years ago, in June of 1976, as Assistant GM.  During my many years with this company, I’ve managed all five Divi properties on the island.”

How does serving as GM of Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort differ from managing the other Divi properties?

“I’ve actually had similar experiences managing each property because fortunately, a lot of our owners and regular guests own or stay at multiple Divi Resorts on Aruba.  As a result, I’ve gotten to know many of these families over the years and have been lucky enough to serve them at each of the properties I’ve managed.  Divi owners and guests tend to have the same high expectations when they vacation with us, and I’m happy to play a role in delivering the signature ‘Divi style’ that they have come to know and love.”

What does the “Divi style” mean to you?

“The ‘Divi style’ means taking a hands-on approach to customer service.  I don’t spend my whole workday behind a desk; I believe it’s very important for me to be out and about on the property, meeting guests and making myself available when needed.  Everywhere I go around the resort, I hear guests greeting me with a friendly ‘Hello Mr. G!’  That sense of familiarity ensures that I am well known and easily accessible to our owners and guests. They know that I am there to listen and help if they ever have an issue during their stay.  The ‘Divi style’ also applies to my management style, the same management style I see across all Divi properties.  We greatly value our staff and always keep our doors open to them. And in return, our staff share this same level of value and service with our guests.”

What is the best part of your job as a Divi GM?

“First and foremost, the best part of my job is interacting with guests.  I love welcoming back owners I have known for years, as well as meeting first-time visitors.  I also enjoy the support system that has formed amongst our staff.  Here, we don’t simply know our team members as individuals; we also know their friends and families.  In this small island community, it’s incredibly important to feel supported by your team and know that you and your family are valued.  We definitely have that kind of relationship here at Divi Phoenix, and you can see the positive impact it has on our company culture.”

How is the culture at Divi Phoenix affected by your team’s involvement in our Divi Cares program?

“The staff at each of our Divi Resorts on Aruba work together to give back through the Divi Impact Initiative, which is part of Divi Cares.  I think this active involvement in community service helps foster caring, positive attitudes among our team.  Our staff loves calling Aruba home, and programs like Divi Cares make them feel good about helping make our community a better place to live and our resort a better place to work.”

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