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How to Plan a Group Trip with Friends


Have you ever thought about traveling to the Caribbean with a dozen or so (or more!) close friends and family members? When you have a major milestone coming up in your life, or if you’ve just received great news, a fantastic way to celebrate is to go on a group trip. You might think group trips involve a staggering amount of planning, but with a little forethought, they’re actually quite manageable—and the discounts you can rack up from traveling as a group are significant. Here are few points to go over before you jet away with your crew to an island escape:

Who’s going, and when?

Who’s on your guest list? Ideally, everyone will get along reasonably well together as a large group—you’ll want to avoid any awkward dinner conversations! Once you’ve decided, it’s easy to settle on dates using an online scheduling tool like Doodle. Simply create a Doodle poll and email it to everyone on your list. You’ll be able to narrow down the best time for the whole gang to travel.

What group rates are available?

Divi Resorts offers great discounts to groups of 10 or more. Call our experienced travel planners at 1-800-801-5550 or email We’ll see to it that you have everything you need.

Time to book your trip!

It will be easiest for everyone to plan their travel if you settle on dates far in advance. Make sure everyone in your group has a passport!

What do you want to do?

Review the amenities at the resort of your choice, and investigate fun things to do around the island. It’s best to stay flexible, as everyone will likely have slightly different ideas on how they want to spend their time. It’s best to find a couple of “must-dos” ahead of your trip, but don’t forget to leave plenty of time to be spontaneous.

Bon voyage! Here’s to an unforgettable Caribbean getaway with all your BFFs!

Tips for Taking Great Instagram Photos on Vacation

When you go on vacation, you’re probably taking photos—and you’re probably sharing them instantly. At Divi Resorts, we see dozens of vacation photos every day as we keep tabs on our social media accounts. We thought you might enjoy a few “best practices” from the Caribbean vacation experts on how to make your trip photos really pop. Your friends and family back home won’t believe what you’re posting on Instagram.

#1 Your photo deserves to be framed!

Take a look at your surroundings—sometimes you’ll find a great way to frame your shot, like with the roof of a palapa. Your Instagram followers will be jealous.

#2 It’s the little things.

Try taking closeup shots of the small, unexpected things that really define your vacation—the quirky items that give your trip its personality.

#3 Switch up your angles.

It’s fun to look at life from a different perspective! Experiment with unusual angles—high, low or from a vantage point that isn’t often photographed (make sure to be safe, though!).

#4 Go off-kilter.

Photography has a “rule of thirds” for a reason. Just place your subject slightly to the left or right of center, and bam—your photo is more stunning already. Good job, you!

#5 People are more than poses!

Putting your friends and family in the photo is one of the best ways to keep your vacation memories alive. Make sure to get a few shots of the entire group together, but photos of people can be more striking when they’re candid.

Good luck out there! We love seeing what a great time people are having at our resorts. If you’d like to share your awesome photo with us, follow us on Instagram @DiviResorts and tag us!

The 6 Best Beaches on Aruba

Aruba has dozens of spectacular beaches, all of them stunning in their own way. Here are just a few of our favorites.

#1 Palm Beach

palm beach

Photo credit Kara Phelps

Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort is situated right on the world-famous Palm Beach, known for its calm waters and beautiful white sand. It’s located on the luxurious high-rise hotels’ stretch of the island.

#2 Eagle Beach

eagle beach serge melki

Photo credit Serge Melki

Eagle Beach is directly in front of Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort. It’s a well-visited public beach with plenty of shade for picnics provided by Divi Divi trees, Aruba’s iconic tree and the namesake for Divi Resorts. Eagle Beach also has plenty of parking just off the main road.

#3 Arashi Beach

arashi beach

Photo credit Kara Phelps

Arashi Beach is located just south of the California Lighthouse near the northwestern tip of Aruba. With an amazing variety of underwater life, it’s best known for its terrific snorkeling.

#4 Baby Beach

aruba baby beach 1

Photo credit Kara Phelps

Baby Beach is named for the calm and shallow waters that make it ideal for children and inexperienced swimmers. Those who love to snorkel will enjoy seeing the many gorgeous coral heads. Baby Beach is situated in the area known as Sero Colorado at the southeastern end of the island.

#5 Boca Grandi Beach


Photo credit

Boca Grandi Beach is a secluded beach located on the southeastern end of the island. The persistent tradewinds make it an ideal spot for experienced kitesurfers, who can often be seen practicing breathtaking jumps and loops. Driftwood and bits of coral regularly wash ashore here—beachcombing is encouraged!

#6 Rodger’s Beach or Coco Beach

Situated close to the well-known Baby Beach, Rodger’s Beach is often called the hidden gem of Aruban beaches. Popular with local families on the weekends, it empties out during the week and becomes an isolated paradise—complete with shady areas and shower facilities. The Coco Beach Bar & Restaurant is a quaint place to visit.

It often seems like Aruba has a different tropical paradise around every corner, and it’s fun to discover new spots. Let us know your favorite beach in the comments!


Special Early Bird Rates for Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival 2017


Divi Resorts is proud to announce its sponsorship of the 17th Annual Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival, scheduled for this upcoming Memorial Day weekend, May 24-29, 2017. As a gift to festival-goers, it is offering discounted “early bird” rates for a limited time to those interested in attending.

Last year’s festival featured world-class headliners from the arenas of pop, R&B, jazz, and stand-up comedy such as Miguel, Fantasia, the Isley Brothers, Jazmine Sullivan and Tony Rock. Stacked full of similar powerhouse artists, the 2017 lineup will be released soon. Festival-goers can also look forward to beach and club parties that aren’t to be missed.

Most of the action takes place a short walk away from two of Divi Resorts’ stunning Aruba properties: Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort and Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort. They’re offering early bird special rates to festival-goers who book their rooms now. A third Divi property, Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort, is also near the festival and offering early bird special rates.

Early bird rates are as follows:

Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort:

-Studio suites as low as $129/night and 1-bedroom suites as low as $149/night

-All-inclusive rates start at $179 per person per night*

Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort:

-Studio suites as low as $145/night and 1-bedroom suites as low as $165/night

-All-inclusive rates start at $189 per person per night*

Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort:

-Studio suites as low as $199/night and 1-bedroom suites as low as $229/night

Divi Resorts has also created a contest awarding tickets to the 2017 Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival. The first prize is a VIP package to the festival, including 2 Friday General Admission Comedy Show Tickets at the Renaissance Festival Plaza, 2 Saturday & Sunday General Admission Concert Tickets with 4 Gold Area Entry Passes at the Harbor Arena (2 Saturday/2 Sunday) plus 2 Party Pass Packages (total of 5 entries per person into 5 official Soul Beach Music Festival After Parties) with express entry access, in addition to a bonus package including 2 Friday General Admission Comedy Show Tickets at the Renaissance Festival Plaza and 2 Saturday and Sunday General Admission Concert Tickets.

The second prize includes 2 Friday General Admission Comedy Show Tickets at the Renaissance Festival Plaza and 2 Saturday and Sunday General Admission Concert Tickets with 4 Gold Area Entry Passes at the Harbor Arena (2 Saturday/2 Sunday). The third prize includes 2 Three-Night General Admission ticket packages for the Friday Comedy Show at the Renaissance Festival Plaza and Saturday and Sunday General Admission Concert Tickets at the Harbor Arena.

You can find more details, enter the contest, and check availability on rooms at More information on the 2017 Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival is available at

*All-inclusive rates are based on double room occupancy.

The 4 Best Caribbean Travel Blogs to Follow

Divi Resorts are known as THE vacation experts of the Caribbean. We’re always looking for fresh takes and the latest news on our favorite part of the world. We thought you’d enjoy a list of our favorite Caribbean travel blogs!

best caribbean blogs sarah

Jet Set Sarah

1. Jet Set Sarah

Sarah was an editor for six years at the now-closed Caribbean Travel + Life magazine. Now she travels the Caribbean and writes about her encounters at There you’ll find fun and friendly top 10 lists and expert recommendations on just about everything under the warm Caribbean sun.

best caribbean blogs steve and patrick

Uncommon Caribbean – Steve and Patrick

2. Uncommon Caribbean

Two brothers from St. Croix, Steve and Patrick, write about the Caribbean from a local perspective at Their blog gives insight into authentic island life, proving that the Caribbean is much more than its white sand beaches (although those are also pretty great)! Turn to Steve and Patrick for off-the-beaten-path recommendations and off-the-radar locations you might never have found otherwise.

best caribbean blogs ryan

Rum Shop Ryan

3. Rum Shop Ryan

Ryan is a Caribbean travel expert and writer who also documents his travels at Get ready for regular updates and lots of stunning photos of your favorite islands, as well as drink recipes, news from the region, recommendations of things to do, and much more.

best caribbean blogs aruba

Aruba Tourism Blog

4. Aruba Tourism Blog

The Aruba Tourism Authority runs a comprehensive site detailing just about everything there is to do on Aruba at Check out their blog at, which will keep you informed about the latest travel trends on Aruba, last-minute deals, and more.

Have we missed your favorite blog on Caribbean travel? Let us know about it in the comments!